QIMR Cell Line Bank

About the QIMR Cell Line Bank

The Queensland Institute of Medical Research Cell Line Bank develops both lymphocyte and solid tumour cell lines, specialising in melanoma.

Metastatic melanoma is the only solid tumour for which consistent rates of clinical response have been achieved using the novel approach of autologous cellular immunotherapy. Refinement of this form of therapy, and its successful extension to other cancers, will depend on researchers having access to stable, validated cell lines for which clinical histories are available. The unique contribution of the melanoma cell line collection at QIMR is that they derive from biopsies from patients undergoing immunotherapy trials, in which outcomes will be known. This represents a large fraction of the world’s resource in cell lines from solid metastatic tumours that have completely resolved in response to cellular immunotherapy.

ABN-Oncology Access Policy

The ABN-Oncology group was established to provide a conduit for researchers to gain access to ethically consented, high quality clinically-annotated biospecimens and data. The intention of the group is to make information on tissue repositories freely available and to provide fair and equitable access to tissues for Australian researchers.

The ABN-Oncology group aims to facilitate access to individual tissue banks through the Tissue Specimen Locator and the Hub Manager. Specimens are being collected using tissue bank-specific patient information and consent forms, therefore access to specimens is controlled by the collecting bank and relevant Human Research Ethics Committee. Each individual tissue bank also has control over its own application procedure and access policy, based on the scientific merit and peer review of applications submitted, and the impact the request will have on the resources of the tissue bank.

Should a disagreement arise between an individual tissue bank and a researchers applying for tissue, ABN-Oncology will assist by inviting suitable individuals with experience in the relevant areas to form an appeals board to hear the dispute.

Should the tissue samples you require not be available, the ABN-Oncology group may still be able to assist by prospectively collecting the samples you require. For more information, please contact the Hub Manager.

Specific QIMR Cell Line Bank Access Policy


Researchers who use material originating from the Australasian Biospecimen Network – Oncology group are required to acknowledge the ABN as the source of research samples in all relevant publications and presentations. This acknowledgement must appear in the Methods or Acknowledgements section as a minimum. Recommended wording is as follows:

‘Biospecimens were provided by members of the ABN-Oncology group, which is funded by the National Health and Medical Research Council’.

Should a significant contribution be made by the ABN-Oncology group to the publication in question, co-authorship may be sought. This will be assessed on a case-by-case basis, and will follow the recommendations of the authorship section of the ‘Joint NHMRC/AVCC Statement and Guidelines on Research Practice’ (available at http://www.nhmrc.gov.au/funding/policy/researchprac.htm).

Once an article is submitted for publication, the Chief Investigator must send a copy of each publication to the Hub Manager of the ABN-Oncology group.


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