helpdeskThe ABN helpdesk has been set up to allow individuals with questions regarding all aspects of tissue banking to be put in contact with tissue banking / legal professionals who can answer these questions. For example, a person with a question regarding blood collection can be put in touch with a group or individual who has a lot of experience in collection, whereas a person with a question about brain banking can be put in contact with a tissue bank that collects neurological tissues.

If you would like to make use of this service, please send a email to the relevant link below, stating your question and contact details, and we endeavour to answer your question or put you in contact with someone who can.

The application forms are available from the ABN Hub Manager or download form below:

 ABN-Oncology Access Policy and Procedures Application form

General Tissue Banking Queries

Australasian Biospecimen Network Helpdesk

Email ABN Hub manager or phone +61 3 9656 1382


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